Paul Mccartney Quits Weed Smoking For Daughter Beatrice - Comments and Message Board

whatz with these vile unnecessary coments?

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by njmralo

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Some very interesting comments left so far.Just shows the ignorance alot of people have regarding cannibis.Perhaps people should a learn a little bit more about it before saying "grow up old man".Does that person have a problem with having a glass of wine? Perhaps they do perhaps they don't.There is no proof that cannibis is more or less harmful than wine or any other drink. Check your facts!!!!!

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by pete1940

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You would think it is something to be proud of that he has given up cannabis at 69. Anybody else would have had social work at their door, if not the police. Maybe Heather Mills should have been listened to more. Sorry Paul you are no more thought off than the scum that lingers round this town.

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by Sorrydolly

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grow up u old man

Posted 3 years 5 months ago by lolllla

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