A Sir Paul McCartney late show meant that his daughter Stella McCartney’s latest event, in which she unveiled her new fall-winter collection in Paris, was held up from starting on time.

It was a good job that McCartney junior’s Dad’s a former Beatle, because such a hold-ups are normally a bit of a faux pas in fashion circles, presumably because everyone’s really busy and has lots of other clothes to go and stare at before deciding if they want to wear it once for a night out. However, with it being good old Paul McCartney the other attendees at the event didn’t seem to mind a jot, and the cheeky Scouser even had the temerity to hum  "Walk, walk, walk like a model" as he swaggered to his seat. Bono was among the guests laughing away at McCartney’s antics, though no doubt he was bitter that any attempt by him to do the same would most likely be met with hostility. That’s the way it rolls when you look like a giant fly, Bono, sorry.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney looked just as laid back as he ambled into his daughter's fashion show half an hour late

Anyway, of the show itself, the Seattle Times reports that Stella told the assembled throng "I wanted a refresh in a classical way. Women have a masculine side and if you tap into that, you find another part of yourself." That message manifested in oversized dresses and coats, that’s colors revolved around fuchsia. Sounds pleasant.