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Enough of the fantasies created by mills. every day he does someting to get press.Would you consider someone nasty who screams loudly in your face then shoves you aside so she can get where ever it is she thinks she is going.the minute she has a change whe calls the police, then gets her knickers in a bunch whining that the police and press wont leave her is mills who will not leave the press alone.It is mills who has filled herself with acrimony that there is no room in her life for anything.The appears there is never an appropriate point in time to ask her for assistance, or anything else for that mattter. it will always be twisted by her small brain, if she has one left.It is evident, that she has no heart.One must always bear in mind:"be careful who head you step on going up, they are the same people that will have to assist you on your way down." In the manner mills has been cursing everyone out and acting in a vicious manner to all, that this pharase fits perfectly. Know one will be there when she falls!!!!On my way to the bathrooom, i heard your whining commercial about being afraid that your leg would fall of on the show that you today say you are going to particiapte in. Mills, dont you think you whining and crocidile tears have become boring??? know one wants to listed to someone who thinks everything in the world is done are personal attacks against yourself.If you need to whine and cry, please spare the public and do so in private. you are not impressing anyone. if youre affraid your leg is going to fall off, then dont do the performance or take thought through actions to insure the problem doesnt come to be. too bad you are the one who is not routing for a glorious fax paux on your part. The audience thinks they program is a comedy did your ridiculous commercial on the tv yesterday, the network has decided not to tag you mills, guess that tells quite a you have lost peta, by flagrantly going around wearing a mink coat. It is not important what the reason was to put the coat on, what does matter, isthat it was a deliberate act on her part to flaunt the mink stole. It is doubtfull her mum didnt have someting not made of slaughtered animal that she could have donned.If her philosophy on life bore any resemblence to her deportmnt, she is one seriously disturbed individual, who is a confused,prevaricator, who has serious need for psychiciatict assistance.I hear she is furthur indulging in the consumption of slaughtered animals.Since everyone has been abused by her torrid and malicious platitudes.It is time to start IGNORING the ravings of a mentally challegened individudal who can not discern between what the truth and what isnt.ENOUGH ALREADY. EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT A LUNATIC MILLS IS. SO PLEASE STOP GIVING ANY CREDENCE TO HER HALLLUCINATIONS, AS WELL AS PRINTING NEWS IN THE PAPER.

Posted 8 years 6 months ago by njmralo

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