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alas, mill$ couldnt come off as loving, she couldnt even fake it.with the 3 tons of make up and 4 legs, she is still who she is, a bottom feeding whore who deserves NOTHING for stalking Sir Paul, deceiving him and his family, shagging the aide'd campe, and ll the other nasty disgusting things she has done. dont forget the photos on the front of the newspaper that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She doesnt even own a hat.Time for your long walk of that short pier, mill$.Dont worry, there will be no lifeguards on duty to save you, Bitch!arts and crafts time, cut and paste in your address bar

Posted 8 years 2 months ago by njmralo

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mill$$ may be a star in a brothel, she certainly ha$ nothing going for her except, foot in mouth disease.

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aside from falling down three times, threatening the judge if he didnt know who she was, and the hooker makeup, and vituperative demeanor.i would say she time (?) perish the thought!!!!abc will suffer badly if they are vieing for good sweeps scores.the judges could hardly contain their distain.everyone has her number by now.two male contestants dropped out after having been told she would be their time, audience, dont hesitate throwing the rotten food that is being handed out when you present your tickets.she now has po'd the mccartney family, the uk, most of europe, the entire usa, the disabled, and on and on and on. her contention to the judge indicating she was something she sure the frak she isnt. They did, however spare the embarassment by naming her as MS MILLSalthough, she did attempt to posture nepotismPLEASE REMEMBER A PROSTITUE IS NOT A MODEL, no matter how you dress it.

Posted 8 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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