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Mill$$$$$ you would be wise to keep your blow doll inflated. then again, maybe you can use a cucumberif anyone is lost in space, it is you!

Posted 6 years 4 months ago by njmralo

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bs artist and taking off her knickers every 10 nano seconds, may be the answer to that one

Posted 6 years 6 months ago by njmralo

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YO! MILL$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, everyone knows your incapapile* of telling the truth. sittomg in the park with a blow up doll you think is your "bea" youre daily lies du jour are just your warped ways and behaviorn dont fool anyone, with or without yuur blow up day. the world abhorrs you,so what ever you do or say is cast to stay in the limelight, so the world hates you. the money you extorted from sir paul and his loving family and friends. its called extortion, does nothing but denigrate you more and more with each bs that rolls so easioy from your toilet tongue.. narrisisim is not something to be proud of, rather serve to further denigratee your skanky self. your friends mus ben bettern looking than you, the most evil and ugly was do noting more than verify what an unsless pile of sh;...ite you really are/ the world has your number so stay out of the press. i have to puke evetytime i see your disgusting appearance. give it up ho, the world has your number and its way low. stick with your blowup or get re aquainted with rosely palm and her five finger sisters. give up, everyone is aware of your money grubbing actions.verified by tricking sir paul whithout revealing your ho, stay with your blow up doll until someone comes arround with a pin, then you will have to resort to rosie.funny you thing you have a myriad of female friends. they sure tell the truth about yout true prediliction to bat for that team.Mill$$$ you are the lowest of the low, the only way you will have a male female relatioship are nill.

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by's picture

hmm....a wealthy ex-hooker/porn queen? every man's dream

Posted 6 years 7 months ago by dsachulz6

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