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the nasty chef should keep his mouth shut and try to cook (if he can)More than likely Mill$$$$ whispered in his's life style is not the business of anyone.go veggie!!!! the animals will live longer without abuse, and you will loose weight.of all foods, meat is highest in time you have anything to say that is rude, put your foot in your mouth first

Posted 7 years 2 days ago by njmralo

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Posted 7 years 4 days ago by kickmill$ass

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Notch up another for our Paul! Ramsay is rude, vulgar, obnoxious & a jerk to boot. He's also a very shallow & small-minded person to go round knocking peep's preferences. Vegetarian living is much healthier for the world.

Posted 7 years 4 days ago by GypsyPrincess

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to quote forrest gum "stupid is as stupid does" as a long time vegetarian i have experienced prejudice myself-i have actually had men interested in me until i mentioned my vegetarianism and why-i've been told "i could never date a vegetarian" or "would you ever allow meat in your hou8se' hard to believe, but there is a lot of discrimination out there. ramsay is stupid for saying things like that however in the US its his write under the 1st amendment

Posted 7 years 4 days ago by dsachulz6

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