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R.I.P. Linda.

Posted 7 years 12 months ago by kickmill$ass

kickmill$ass's picture

hi!hager lee,you forgot the booze and drugs (jagger)Ho! Ho! Ho! (no, im not santa clause or jaggers latest arm candy. i gave my backstage pass away

Posted 8 years 1 day ago by njmralo

njmralo's picture

to hager lee:you forgot booze and drugs.(jagger)ho ho ho's mum should have used birth control.

Posted 8 years 1 day ago by njmralo

njmralo's picture

you forgot booze and drugs.Ho! Ho! HO! wasnt even born, her mum should have used birth control

Posted 8 years 1 day ago by njmralo

njmralo's picture

Sir Paul & Linda McCartney's lives DEFINE the meaning of MARRIAGE, committment, love & devotion. Others are purely jealous ! You ROCK PAUL ! P.S. ILOVEYOU...& Would ya, love.. love me do ~!signed,long long time fan...sherryc in GA.

Posted 8 years 4 days ago by sherryc

sherryc's picture

OH PAUL....WHAT YOU AND lINDA HAD TOGETHER WENT FURTHER THAN "CHART TOPPERS"..... tAKE THE MEMORIES AND LOVE AND REMEMBER TO SHARE THE GOOD MEMORIES...tHERE WILL ONLY BE ONLY YOU and her..and your kids. Hey, it's great that you and your son are hitting the air waves now....You two can talk an listen and delve into each others mins......Don't worry about Nick...Two great pals -----Bev

Posted 8 years 5 days ago by RNBSN

RNBSN's picture

I, for one, enjoyed seeing Paul and Linda together onstage. I think that Mick was just jealous, or didnt want his missus with him because then he couldnt whore around.

Posted 8 years 5 days ago by dsachulz6

dsachulz6's picture

Paul should just ignore what people say about Linda working with him. All of Wings' concerts were sold out worldwide and made a fortune with the two of them at the helm. The last time the Stones appeared in my hometown they played at a half sold out venue a lot smaller than the size it would take to accomodate a Wings concert. Paul is in much more demand than the Stones are these days - I think Mick is just jealous! And by the way, how many wives has Mick had? I think Mick may be jealous that he couldn't keep a woman happy for very long, and Sir Paul and Linda were happy for a lifetime together! Sour grapes, Mick!

Posted 8 years 5 days ago by Jeanie eBeeson

Jeanie eBeeson's picture

Linda was a wonder who inspired sir paul to test his limit, she saw the genious in him. singing and playing together was an act of eternal love and respect.the press tends to be revisionists, they should be ignored. The smiles on linda and sir paul s faces while performing, was a wonder in itself. She was his muse. Each of their children serve to inurr the wonder sir paul and linda could produce. She is still with him and forever will be.Linda is aware, that sir paul has yet to complete his genius and the wonder of their children.the press most likely could not comprhend the depth of thier relationship, or werent born at the peak of sir paul and linda's exquisite beauty they were able to show to the world.ignore the press, or they will drive you koo lost in space resident is one too many koo koos even if the latter has to hop around.sir paul deserves the love and respect that he and linda gifted upon the world./

Posted 8 years 5 days ago by njmralo

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