Sir Paul McCartney's friends warned him not to appear on Simon Cowell's The X Factor - but he decided to go ahead after superstar Beyonce performed on the U.K. talent show.
The Beatles legend played two tracks on the live reality competition last month (Dec10) but admits he had to carefully consider Cowell's offer after his pals urged him to turn it down.
MCCartney insists it was the Crazy In Love singer, as well as former X Factor winner Leona Lewis, who inspired him to perform on the show.
He explains, "Actually, when the offer came through it polarised a lot of people. Lots of my friends told me not to do it. It's a pop show. But what turned me around - apart from the huge audience - was the fact that it's a family show, and so many kids are obsessed by it.
"Also, Beyonce was on it, and if it's good enough for her then it should be good enough for me. Plus, it threw up Leona Lewis, and she's no slouch. Know what I mean?"
The star is now fiercely proud of his band's performance, which was viewed by 15 million people - because they managed to play two tracks, Drive My Car and Live And Let Die, in their short slot.
He says, "It was a big deal for us playing two songs back to back like that. It's a live show and we decided to play it live, rather than to a backing track. Which means you have to act like an Aston Martin and go from 0-60 in three seconds. As a band, we were really energised that night, which we had to be to make it work. Weirdly the show felt quit intimate, as the studio is a lot smaller than it looks on TV. But we put everything into that show."