Is Sir Paul McCartney really going to replace Kurt Cobain in a newly-reformed Nirvana?

Well, if you cast a glace over the online chatter today, you would certainly think that. It’s not strictly true, of course (is that a storm brewing, or the sound of the entire world breathing a massive sigh of relief?) but Paul McCartney will be joining the surviving members of Nirvana for a charity concert tonight (December 12, 2012) in aid of the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We just hope that someone has sat Courtney Love down to explain the situation properly, before she gets angry, or confused, or both of those things.

According to The Sun, Sir Paul McCartney rang up Dave Grohl (who used to be Nirvana’s drummer before he promoted himself to the front of the stage with new band Foo Fighters), who asked if the former Beatle would like to “jam with some mates,” without really explaining who those mates might be. Sir Paul McCartney got together with Dave Grohl, Krist Novoselic and Nirvana’s occasional fourth member Pat Smear and suggested that they just make something up. McCartney admits to not really knowing who the other guys were and when they started saying how good it was to be back together, he says “somebody whispered to me ‘That’s Nirvana. You’re Kurt.’ I couldn’t believe it.” Somehow, we’re struggling with the image of Macca singing ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit,’ so we’re going to keep our fingers crossed they’ll be doing Beatles covers instead.

The charity concert will also feature a performance from The Rolling Stones, who are currently celebrating 50 years in existence.