On Thursday, San Francisco's iconic Candlestick Park had its final event. The stadium, which has hosted games 49ers and Giants games for over five decades, was saluted by Paul McCartney with a gig that lasted until midnight. It is set to be demolished to make room for a housing, retail and entertainment development, according to the New York Daily News.  

Paul McCartney at a recent press eventPaul McCartney played a touching set

The venue, affectionately nicknamed The Stick by San Fran locals has hosted greats from both teams, including Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Willie Mays. Older residents still remember The Catch - Montana's touchdown pass to Dwight Clark to win the NFC championship game in January 1982 and send the 49ers to their first Super Bowl. 

McCartney has a personal connection to the stadium, which hosted the Beatles' last ever live show in 1966.

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Fans celebrated The Stick's history in appropriate fashion, with tailgate parties and photos of the stadium early in the afternoon, before the fog became a problem. While police urged fans to have a "safe night" and not try to take pieces of the stadium like chairs and other souvenirs, the concert passed peacefully and without incident. The stadium will see one final event and that one will be a real blast. 

Paul McCartney in Austin earlier this yearPaul McCartney in Austin earlier this year

"My current belief, based on the information we have in working with the city, is there will be an event where a significant amount of the building will be imploded," SF Mayor Ed Lee said to CBS Local. "Some deconstruction and an implosion is frankly the most environmentally appropriate way to take a building down."

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