The European Union (E.U.) has voted in favour of a scheme which will extend royalty rights for musicians following a high profile campaign by stars including Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey and U2.
Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) backed plans to increase the number of years artists can receive payments for their work from 50 to 70 during a vote on Thursday (23Apr09).
The proposal had promised rights of 95 years, but the total was decreased in order to gain the support of all E.U. member states.
MCCartney and Daltrey, Irish rockers U2, and Sir Cliff Richard have all spoken out in support of extending the copyright term.
E.U. International Market Commissioner, Charlie MCCreevy, says, "Some might argue that European creators are overprotected. Those who rely on copyright would beg to differ. If artists stay in the music recording business because it pays to do so, consumers would enjoy more variety as a consequence. This proposal ensures that performers can, in their late life, recoup a share in the income they generate."