Sinead O'connor, the Irish singer-songwriter who achieved worldwide success with her 1990 cover 'Nothing Compares To You', has reassured fans she will not commit suicide despite a series of unsettling tweets last week. O' Connor, known to suffer from bipolar disorder, told followers she "badly wished" she could die.
Concern amongst her followers began when the singer tweeted, "My sh*t-uation sexually/affectionately speaking is so dire that inanimate objects are starting to look good" She later claimed to have a "hot date" with a banana, before her tweets took on a severely darker tone. O'Connor told fans, "I want to go to heaven SO bad. Have for [years] . Can't manage any more. Badly wish cud die without it ruining my kids lives". After her comments were reported in the media and following a series supportive messages from fans, Sinead took to the micro-blogging site to explain, saying, "People who express suicidal feelings are least likely to act on them.Anyone who gives u the remotest bit of sh*t for expressing suicidal feelings is a w*nker". In a post on her official website on Sunday (18th September 2011), the singer gave details of a self-titled "sanctuary for the suicidal", telling fans, "In the UK, there is a place, a sanctuary where people can go to get help if they are suicidal, a space to just spend some time alone or with the staff who work there. It is called Maytree and it located in London".
Sinead O'Connor is currently finishing work on her ninth studio album, which is due to hit shelves in 2012.