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Sinead Cusack Picks Up Honorary Degree

16th June 2013

Irish actress Sinead Cusack beamed with pride as she received an honorary degree from a university in Dublin on Saturday (15Jun13).Veteran actor Jeremy Irons was on hand to support his wife as she was presented...

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Jeremy Irons Is A Bad Boy

17th February 2013

Jeremy Irons is a rule breaker.The 'Words' star is constantly being chastised by his wife, actress Sinead Cusack, because he has a compulsion to ignore rules and do the exact opposite of what he is...

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Jeremy Irons Claims Women Can Deal With Wandering Hands

9th August 2011

Jeremy Irons, the Academy Award winning British actor, has slammed political correctness and claims a flurry of new legislation has "gone too far". Speaking to Britain's Radio Times, the actor who shot to fame in...

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The Things They Say 21013

31st March 2011

"Don't look at us and think it will necessarily be the same for you. 99.9 per cent of actors are unemployed, or are employed, but not as they'd like. Look at them more than you...

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62nd Tony Awards Nominees Announced

14th May 2008

The list of the nominees for the 62nd Tony Awards has been announced. They include Tom Stoppard for best play and playwright for "Rock and Roll".Laurence Fishburne, Rufus Sewell, Patrick Stewart and Mark Rylance are...

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Fascinating Fact 2872

20th February 2007

Actress SINEAD CUSACK won't have any difficulties penning thank you letters for her 59th birthday gifts - her husband JEREMY IRONS' present on Sunday (18FEB07) was a bureau....

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Irons Blames Manners For Marriage Failure

8th February 2006

British actor JEREMY IRONS blames English etiquette for his failed first marriage, insisting he only went through with the ceremony because he didn't want to "appear rude". The CASANOVA star, 57, married JULIE...

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Irons Too Competitive To Be Gay

23rd January 2006

British actor JEREMY IRONS insists he could never be gay - because his competitive nature would get in the way. The KINGDOM OF HEAVEN star, who has been married to wife SINEAD CUSACK for...

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Car Trouble For Jeremy Irons

30th December 2004

British movie star JEREMY IRONS can't reduce his fleet of classic cars because his son doesn't want them as a gift. The actor had hoped to pass on his vintage Volkswagen Beetle to his...

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