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Alba Fears Whore Typecast

9th November 2005

Movie beauty JESSICA ALBA fears she is being typecast, because she only gets offered role as whores and sexy maids. The SIN CITY actress is grateful for the opportunities she has been given in...

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Willis Beams Weather Report Onto His Head

6th November 2005

Prankster BRUCE WILLIS put his bald head to good use on Thursday night (3NOV05) when he donned a green swimming cap and pretended he could pick up weather forecasts on it. The movie star...

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Rourke Is British Movie Fans' "Man Of The Year"

31st October 2005

MICKEY ROURKE has been named Man Of The Year by British film fans for his role in SIN CITY. Rourke, who has enjoyed a series of high profile parts following his return from a...

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Sin City Creator Holds Up Sequel

20th October 2005

SIN CITY writer FRANK MILLER is delaying plans for a follow up film, because the original movie lead to an influx of job offers. Miller, 48, has been so inundated with work since the...

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Alba: 'Treat Me Like A Lady'

17th October 2005

Hollywood actress JESSICA ALBA only finds chivalrous men attractive, but believes such behaviour is becoming increasingly rare in contemporary society. The SIN CITY beauty, 24, is dating film production assistant CASH WARREN and admits...

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Neighbours Rourke And Tarantino Become Pals

17th October 2005

Actor MICKEY ROURKE has struck up a new friendship with QUENTIN TARANTINO, after discovering the film-maker is his neighbour. Once the pair realised they lived just a short stroll away from each other, Rourke...

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Rourke: 'The Weinsteins Rescued Me'

14th October 2005

Hollywood hellraiser MICKEY ROURKE credits movie mogul brothers HARVEY and BOB WEINSTEIN with reigniting his career, and is determined to make their risk pay off. The ANGEL HEART star is thrilled with the success...

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Alba Was Once A Devout Christian

5th October 2005

JESSICA ALBA was ill so often as a teen, she dedicated four years of her life to living as a hardcore Christian. The SIN CITY beauty, 24, battled a series of health problems and...

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Alba High During Filming

30th September 2005

Screen siren JESSICA ALBA was forced to film scenes for new movie INTO THE BLUE while high on drugs, because she suffers from terrible sea sickness. The SIN CITY beauty was initially keen to...

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Rourke Planning London Move

22nd September 2005

Hollywood hellraiser MICKEY ROURKE is planning to move to London permanently after grabbing headlines with his party-fuelled lifestyle during his stay in the British capital. The SIN CITY actor has fallen in love with...

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Sin City Ad Banned

22nd September 2005

An interactive advert for hit movie SIN CITY has been banned in the UK because it "condones violence". Britain's Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the scenes depicted by the poster display were highly unsuitable...

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No Dreams Of Jeannie For Alba

30th August 2005

Hollywood beauty JESSICA ALBA has laughed off reports she is donning oversized pants and slippers to star in the film remake of I DREAM OF JEANNIE. After big-budget movies THE FANTASTIC FOUR and SIN...

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Alba To Share Recipes Online

26th August 2005

Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA is set to show off even more of her hidden skills, after signing up to share food recipes every month on a new health and beauty website. The SIN CITY...

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Alba To Launch Baby Clothing Line

25th August 2005

Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA has announced plans to branch out into the world of fashion, with a baby clothing line. The SIN CITY beauty, 24, has yet to have any children of her own,...

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Murphy Lost Virginity Thanks To Mum

24th August 2005

Late starter BRITTANY MURPHY credits her mother with encouraging her to lose her virginity. The SIN CITY beauty, 27, was a reclusive teen until her mum insisted she left the house to...

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Rodriguez: 'Fear Made Me'

17th August 2005

Maverick movie-maker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ credits his success to a huge fear of failure. The SIN CITY director is convinced his work would suffer if he ever lost his inhibitions and stopped worrying about critics'...

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Rodriguez's Son Credited With New Film

17th August 2005

Maverick film director ROBERT RODRIGUEZ credits his eight-year old son RACER for creating his new movie SHARKBOY AND LAVAGIRL IN 3-D. The SIN CITY maker's son dreamed up the adventure story - which was...

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Dawson Angers Neighbours

16th August 2005

Screen star ROSARIO DAWSON and her mother ISABEL have enraged neighbours in their low-rent New York apartment block by reportedly failing to pay their "dues" of $100 (GBP55) per month. The SIN CITY actress...

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Rourke Lambasted For 'Stealing' Girlfriend

14th August 2005

LATEST: An Italian playboy has hit out at MICKEY ROURKE for stealing his girlfriend last Wednesday (10AUG05) in a London club. ANDREA FRANZI was furious to find model ANNA ILNITSKAYA dancing with the...

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Ryan Denies Chatting Up Murphy

12th August 2005

BLUE star LEE RYAN is disgusted by false reports he tried to hit on BRITTANY MURPHY with a sleazy chat-up line because he would be too nervous. A British newspaper reported Ryan tried to...

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Alba Was A Frail Child

27th July 2005

Sexy actress JESSICA ALBA is amazed she's been able to make a name for herself in action movies - because she had so many ailments as a young child. Alba has appeared in such...

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Alba Questions Cruise And Holmes Romance

20th July 2005

SIN CITY beauty JESSICA ALBA has slammed celebrity lovers TOM CRUISE and KATIE HOLMES for using their height profile romance to boost both their careers. The Latina actress thinks celebrity couples prostitute their relationships...

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Alba Feuds With Mother Over Glasses

18th July 2005

Latina actress JESSICA ALBA is constantly arguing with her mother, because she refuses to wear her glasses. The SIN CITY beauty admits her mum is terrified she will damage her eyesight further, because she's...

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Alba Credits Blonde Hair For New Relationship

14th July 2005

SIN CITY beauty JESSICA ALBA credits her blonde hair with attracting new boyfriend CASH WARREN, because it gives her a softer, more approachable image. The Latina actress began dating the director's assistant in January...

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Hayek Set For Rodriguez's Return To Sin City

14th July 2005

Film-maker ROBERT RODRIGUEZ is set to welcome SALMA HAYEK to SIN CITY when he starts work on the sequel to the hit comic book adaptation. Hayek, who has appeared in most of the director's...

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Alba Slams Bush Over Uncle's Iraq Assignment

11th July 2005

Actress JESSICA ALBA has slammed US President GEORGE W BUSH for threatening to send her soldier uncle back into war-torn Iraq. The SIN CITY beauty's uncle, 44-year-old Army reservist NICK STANISCI signed up for...

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Alba: 'I Won't Do Nude Scenes'

10th July 2005

JESSICA ALBA refuses to strip off on screen, as she is desperate to be praised for her acting prowess instead of her body. And the SIN CITY actress insists she is not the only...

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T3 Star Stahl Lands X-men Role

9th July 2005

TERMINATOR 3 star NICK STAHL is set to join the cast of another movie franchise, the X-MEN. The actor, who also appeared in SIN CITY, has reportedly signed up to play ANGEL in X-MEN...

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Alba: 'Warren Is The One'

5th July 2005

JESSICA ALBA has laughed off reports she is engaged to her new boyfriend CASH WARREN, despite insisting he's "the one". Alba, 24, was previously engaged to her DARK ANGEL co-star MICHAEL WEATHERLY before splitting...

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Murphy Instantly Attracted To Boyfriend

4th July 2005

BRITTANY MURPHY knew boyfriend JOE MACALUSO was her soulmate the moment they met, because she fell in love instantly. The SIN CITY actress, whose past lovers have included EMINEM and ASHTON KUTCHER, was instantly...

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