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Dances With Wolves Sequel On The Way

Simon Wincer Kevin Costner Dances With Wolves

Filmmaker Simon Wincer has signed up to direct the sequel to Kevin Costner's Oscar-winning Dances With Wolves.
The Holy Road will focus on the Comanche tribe of Native Americans' decline, 11 years after the events featured in Dances With Wolves.
Wincer knows his way around a western - he also directed cult TV mini-series Lonesome Dove.

Kilmer Offers To Pay For Extra Day After Forgetting His Lines

Simon Wincer

Former BATMAN VAL KILMER was so embarrassed about forgetting his lines in new US miniseries COMANCHE MOON, he reportedly paid $75,000 (GBP41,700) out of his own pocket towards the costs of an extra day's filming.
According to US tabloid National Enquirer, the actor struggled to deliver his lines in the finale of the cowboy drama prompting him to rip off his period piece wig, which frustrated director Simon Wincer because the hairpiece would take hours to replace.
Wincer even considered re-editing the scene around his leading man.
But Kilmer was so determined to get the scene right, he begged for an extra day and offered to pay towards the costs.
A set source tells the Enquirer, "It was a very emotional scene... but that day he kept blowing line after line, and the director wasn't able to get one decent take."
But the wig waving was the final straw for Wincer and his crew.
The source adds, "The wig was specially made for him and couldn't be replaced on the spot. That was probably the worst day of his career.
"He pleaded with the director for another chance... and agreed to pay out of his own pocket for an additional day of filming."

Rourke's New Script Philosophy

Mickey Rourke Simon Wincer

Former Hollywood hellraiser Mickey Rourke has vowed to always place script quality over his salary after appearing in a string of box office flops in the 1990s.

The troubled actor, who famously appeared in box-office disaster HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN 14 years ago (91), accepted film parts in desperation after living so far beyond his means, he couldn't even pay for his own house.

But Rourke, 48, regrets agreeing to the Simon Wincer movie, and vows never to put himself in the same position again.

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Simon Wincer

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