Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Write finish up their “Cornetto Trilogy” with World’s End – five childhood friends reunite 20 years on to attempt an epic pub crawl, but soon find out the pub crawl is the least of their worries. Following the success of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, has World’s End managed to capture the spirit that made its predecessors fly?

Simon PeggSimon Pegg at the Irish premiere of World's End

The early indications are that it very much has, with the reviewers that handed their thoughts in just after the embargo finding it an enjoyable experience. Empire Magazine praise it for "Bravely refusing to rigidly adhere to a formula that has been so successful,” adding that “Wright, Pegg and Frost’s Cornetto Trilogy closer has tonal shifts you won’t expect, but the same beating heart you’ve been craving."

Check out the World's End trailer here:

So far, the film has a staggering 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, but we’re expecting that to drop to the mid-eighties once the so-called ‘big hitters get their reviewing mitts on it. “The chemistry between Pegg and Frost still fizzes, but at the same time, Pegg (who co-wrote the script) has created a character in Gary King who is one-note - always turned up to eleven,” say The Hollywood Reporter.

Even the slightly negative reviews couldn’t hide a certain admiration for the film, like Stefan Pape’s review for HeyuGuys. “Though hilarious in parts, and heartwarming in others, The World's End has the great misfortune of simply being branded as a "fun" comedy, and one that is sadly unlikely to amount to being too much more than that,” he says.

Simon Pegg and Nick FrostPegg and Frost are finishing their trilogy of comedies