Actor Simon Pegg regretted gobbling up a large meal before filming an action scene in new movie Star Trek: Into Darkness - because he was too full to run and threw up his lunch in his trailer.

The British star, who reprises his role as Scotty in the sci-fi epic, fell ill after dashing across an aircraft hangar multiple times so director J.J. Abrams could capture the perfect take, and the 43 year old admits he later paid the price for being out of shape.

He tells the New York Daily News, "I really opened up and ran faster than I had since I was a kid - to the point where the little quad bike that was filming me had trouble keeping up. The whole crew broke out into applause, and I felt really kind of chuffed, because I'm the oldest one of the whole crew and I had just done this amazing sprint. And J.J. said, 'That was amazing, Simon, can you do it again?'

"I said, 'Yeah, Ok, give me a minute'. So I got my breath back, did it again and then he said, 'Can you do it one more time?' And I did once again. Then I kind of excused myself quietly from the set, went to my trailer and threw up."