Simon Pegg collects replicas of himself.

The 'Shaun Of The Dead' actor is delighted many of his movies have spawned action figures and miniature dolls, but his wife thinks his obsession is ''creepy''.

He said: ''Of course I collect action figures of myself! The 'Star Trek' Transporter Room set is brilliant. I used to collect figures as a kid so to have a boxed figure of me is an extraordinary pleasure.

''My wife thinks they're creepy. People who think it's unseemly to collect action figures of yourself are people who don't have action figures of themselves.

''I do like my 12-inch talking 'Shaun of the Dead'. There's a highly mobile one from Sideshoe Collectables that's cool as well. I also appear in various animal forms from 'Ice Age' and 'Narnia'. And there's a Lego Shaun now as well. There was a campaign online to get a Lego Shaun made. I feel bad for Lego, he's not exactly Harry Potter.''

The 42-year-old star admitted he finds it ''weird'' when people make jibes about his hair because he isn't actually ginger.

He told Q magazine: ''It's weird because I don't have naturally ginger hair.

''What happened was, when we were filming 'Shaun of the Dead', we wanted Shaun's hair to be light blond but they dyed it the wrong colour and it went sort of reddish.

''So when 'Shaun of the Dead' arrived, everyone assumed it was my hair colour, but it's not. So any ginger taunt is ridiculous to me. It's annoying when people use it as a stick to beat me with because I'm not ginger, but I'll take one for the team since I can't deny having a ginger beard.''