Against all the odds 37 year old Tate Stevens has gone on to win the final of The X Factor, landing a $5m record deal, and a pretty substantial fan base to get him started.

Speaking to MTV the whole ordeal was overwhelming for the country singer: "I can't explain it. It's not real, it hasn't happened," he said. "I don't know. I'm so blessed to be here and be in this situation. It's crazy... For people to like what I do enough to vote on it every week and for me to eventually win this whole thing that's an amazing feeling right now. It's crazy." 

Stevens' win is the best news for the series, and really only good news for the season as, despite being signed on for a third series to begin early next year, their ratings have dropped by almost 4 million average viewers, in comparison to season 1. Comparing it to the likes of American Idol doesn't even really bare thinking about. No doubt producers will be racking their brains before the next season begins attempting to work out how to steal those important figures from its rivals.

As well as losing viewers, Simon Cowell has managed to lose a full $20k having made a bet with La Reid. According to TMZ they made the wager right at the beginning of the season, each betting on themselves to win the season with one of the acts that they were mentoring. Apparently, Cowell is no sore loser and will be paying up asap. 

Anyway, to round this off with some good news, for those of you that have been avidly following Tate Stevens throughout his time on the show, it wont be long before you can buy a record of his, as he said, "As soon as we can get it out, we're getting it out - that's the goal."