Simon Cowell has had his garden bushes cut into the shape of his head.

The music mogul has given his garden at his west London home a complete overhaul and decided to pay homage to himself by making a three-tiered, head-shaped bush the centerpiece.

A source said: ''Simon is very particular about his $14 million house and needs everything to be perfect. He decided to overhaul his plot and, after consulting a landscape gardener, thought it would be hilarious to have little replicas of his hair everywhere.

''He briefly considered having topiary faces, too, but figured that would be a little extreme. So he plumped for the hair-shaped bushes.

''Simon has also had his terrace re-done, because the limestone tiles were ever so slightly askew. Finally, he has had a huge sculpture installed: two precise elliptical circles, representing his never-ending quest for perfection.''

As well as having his garden re-done, Simon, 52, has also had his basement gym refurbished, with Mirrors put up everywhere.

The source added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''Simon has some state-of-the-art exercise machines and a huge plasma TV on which he generally watches his own shows.''