What was once the jewell in the talent show crown has since slipped in popularity. Simon Cowell’s X-Factor went from being the most watched thing on TV, into something quite farcical. But the music man is hoping to change that with a few tweaks.

It’s official: smaller audition rooms will be making a comeback in an attempt to improve ratings. Sorry, what? You were expecting a wholesale change that we would actually notice? No no no; you’re mistaken. They’ve decided to fix a problem that never existed in order to fix one that actually does. That’s how life works. A spokesman said: "We can confirm the audition rooms will be returning to The X Factor as one of a number of exciting changes.” And a source told the Sun: "Fans wanted changes this year — and we’re giving them what they want. The a-cappella auditions were classic X Factor and really gave the judges an insight into whether acts were any good. It also better showcased some of the weird and wacky people we get, whose performances got lost in the arena auditions. The plan is to have the best of both worlds."

Simon CowellCowell enjoying a cheeky cig in a car

The problem is, though, that people don’t really care about it any more. Last year’s winner - what was his name – hasn’t really done anything of note, apart from thrashing out bad songs and making them worse with a dubstep remix. Sharon Osbourne could return to this year's show, which is set to start in September, 2013, but that also won’t make a difference.