Simon Cowell and cheeky comedy duo Ant and Dec have decided to go into horseracing, and have each bought a quarter of a racehorse, The Sun reports. The other quarter of the divvied up filly belongs to a friend, apparently.

A source said: "Simon has been into racing for years. He has always wanted to be more involved than being just a punter. The opportunity came up to buy a young horse that's destined for the track and they all jumped at the chance. Simon is being guided by Ant and Dec as they have experience in the ownership of horses. As for the name, that's still up in the air but they could do worse than name her after something they're all associated with, like Britain's Got Talent." Ant and Dec

They have experience in the game, having previously split a horse four ways with Dec's ex-girlfriend Georgie Thompson and her mum. The horse -  called Primeval - came second at Ascot last year. They later sold the animal back to her original owners.

Ant attributes his love of the sport to his father, who got him hooked on 'the sport of kings': "My father loves racing so we thought we would get involved and buy a horse. It is a great sport and great fun."