When asked about the last time he got on public transport, music mogul Simon Cowell said: “Probably yesterday!” But wait, you say. Simon Cowell isn’t a regular human! Simon Cowell doesn’t take the tube! And your keen observation would be correct, because he was actually referring to his Rolls Royce.

When he got called out by David Williams on Britain’s Got More Talent this week, Simon said: But other people can get in it,” referring to his ride. Somebody should really educate him on the criteria for public transport – if it ain’t crowded and slightly awkward, it doesn’t really qualify. But wait, that wasn’t the end of the witty banter – not at all. Naturally, Cowell had to explain himself.

David replied: “I had a ride in it for 30 seconds!”

And Simon shot back: “That makes it public transport!”

Simon Cowell, London, England
Simon Cowell, pictured here not on a bus. 

Hmm, we’re not sure when the last time Simon got on a bus during rush hour was, but it looks like he could use a refresher. Since those of us who take public transport aren’t very likely to ever see the inside on a Rolls Royce, we can only imagine. But we imagine it’s nothing like public transport.