A serial offender convicted of burgling Simon Cowell’s west London home has been handed down an eight year sentence, with the ‘X Factor’ supremo saying that the whole incident has left him and his family living in “constant fear”.

33 year old Darren February, who had 58 convictions for burglary, theft and assault to his name, was convicted on Monday of breaking into Cowell’s £10 million home in Holland Park, west London back in December 2015.

Cowell, his partner Lauren Silverman and their young son Eric were asleep upstairs at the time of the burglary, which was committed while the security guard at the property was in the toilet. February walked in through patio doors and took £950,000 worth of jewellery and possessions from an open safe.

Simon Cowell Lauren SilvermanSimon Cowell and Lauren Silverman were in the property at the time of the burglary in December 2015

He is already behind bars, serving a separate eight and a half year sentence for the death of a motorcyclist through dangerous driving that happened just a few days after the burglary on Cowell’s property.

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Before sentencing which occurred on Wednesday (March 1st), Cowell’s statements about the impact that the burglary has had on his family were read out in court.

“This incident has caused me great concerns about the security of my family”, he said. “I am very scared of what could have happened to my son if the burglar had gone into his room. I could not bear to think of the consequences and also a lot would have happened if the burglar had come into our room.”

“The whole incident has been very traumatic and there is a constant fear that it may be repeated and that it may be worse next time… My son was in the house that night and I am naturally very concerned over what could have happened if the burglar had entered my son’s room, as any parent in the same situation would be.”

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