'Pudsey The Dog', the pampered pooch that won this year's Britain's Got Talent, appears to be suffering from the effects of his new celebrity lifestyle. Trainer Ashleigh Butler is splashing out on a doggy treadmill for her pet, after he piled on the pounds following his win on Saturday (May 14, 2012).

According to the UK's Sun newspaper, the canine star was showered with his favourite "fatty cheese balls" after winning the show, and had started to put on weight during his week of rest. Simon Cowell has claimed Pudsey will become the most famous dog in the world, though wants him to be in fine shape for Tinseltown. An insider said, "Since winning the show Pudsey has been treated like a king and been showered with treats..He was at a photoshoot yesterday and each time he did a pose he was rewarded with a cheese ball. It all adds up and it has got to the point that Ashleigh is finding it difficult to carry him because he's so heavy".

Ashleigh and Pudsey have already been inundated with work since winning the British talent show, and will appear on Alan Carr's 'Chatty Man' show on Friday (May 18, 2012). The trainer tweeted a photograph of herself with Kanye West at the taping, who was there to support his new girlfriend KIM KARDASHIAN.