Hackney Riots heroine Pauline Pearce has proven that there's more to her than simply being a crime-fighter extraordinaire. The have-a-go-heroine is reportedly having a serious crack at the music industry and has auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. According to The Metro, it took the 46 year-old two attempts to win over Simon Cowell and company but they were eventually impressed with her performance.

Last year, Pearce hit the headlines when a video of her ranting at some of the youths that were terrorising the streets of London went viral. The highly-publicised riots lasted for a few days at the end of the summer of 2011 but the aftermath of the carnage affected London residents long after the violence and looting had ended. This week, Pearce attended auditions at London's Hammersmith Apollo, apparently supported by the same walking stick that she was seen brandishing in the video. When Simon Cowell jokingly asked if she was going to hit him, she replied "I'll only hit you if you're a rioter."

Pauline went for a topical approach and started her audition with a rendition of 'The Streets of London' by Ralph MCTell. It fell flat, though and Cowell didn't seem to think that the performance was up to scratch. She was given a life-line though and had a chance to try again. She chose to sing 'What A Wonderful World' by Louis Armstrong, which was met with "a rapturous reception" from the judges and the theatre's audience. This series of Britain's Got Talent is scheduled to be aired in the Spring and fans of the show will have to wait until then to discover whether or not her audition was successful.