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Simian Mobile Disco (formed 2005)

Simian Mobile Disco is an English music production duo. They are well known for their remixes and have worked with the likes of Peaches, Klaxons and Arctic Monkeys. Simian Mobile Disco consists of James Ford and Jas Shaw.

Simian Mobile Disco: Formation

Originally, Simian Mobile Disco was formed as a traveling DJ duo, attached to their band Simian. Initially, they released a few singles, including 'The Count', which was released on Kitsuné. The label also released Simian Mobile Disco's 'Hustler', featuring Char Johnson on vocals.

It was their remixes of other artists, such as Muse, Klaxons, The Go Team and Air that brought them the most attention, though. The band also gathered steam from Justice's remix of Simian's 'We Are Your Friends'.

Simian Mobile Disco: Music Career

In June 2007, Simian Mobile Disco released their debut album on Wichita Recordings. Entitled Attack Decay Sustain Release, the album featured the tracks 'Tits and Acid', 'I Believe' and 'Hot Dog'. The main single from the album was 'It's the Beat', which featured vocals from Ninja, the singer from The Go! Team. Prior to the release of the album, Simian Mobile Disco released two mix compilations, one for the 'Bugged Out' series and one for the 'Go Commando' series. In July 2008, they provided a mix CD for the magazine Mixmag.

In between their first and second albums, Simian Mobile Disco released a remix selection named Sample and Hold. It was released in July 2008.

In February 2009, the band released a new track, entitled 'Synthesise'. The video for the track was directed by Kate Moross and Alex Sushon. Just two days after its release, BBC Radio 1 premiered a new track of theirs entitled '10,000 Horses Can't Be Wrong'.

In the summer of 2009, the August 2009 release of Simian Mobile Disco's second studio album was announced. Entitled Temporary Pleasure, the album features a large number of guest artists that they have worked with on their travels, including Jamie Lidell (a Warp Records artist), Beth Ditto (of the band Gossip), Telepathe, Alexis Taylor (of Hot Chip) and Gruff Rhys (of Super Furry Animals).

Simian Mobile Disco have toured with a number of bands, including Chemical Brothers and Klaxons.

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Blissfields Festivals 2015 Has Announced Its First Wave Of Acts

Simian Mobile Disco

As the nights get slightly lighter and the temperature gets half a degree warmer people are daring to dream about summer and the festival season is getting closer.

Blissfields 2015
Blissfields has released an exciting first wave line-up

The latest festival announcement is Hampshire festival Blissfields which has announced its first wave of acts including Simian Mobile Disco, The Horrors and John Grant among others.

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The 15th Anniversary Line-Up For Primavera Sound Is Finally Here!

Primavera Sound Festival Ride The Strokes Black Keys The Replacements Antony and the Johnsons James Blake Richie Hawtin Simian Mobile Disco Alt-J Patti Smith Belle And Sebastian Damien Rice Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Perfume Genius The New Pornographers Julian Casablancas Interpol Underworld Caribou Foxygen The Eels Babes In Toyland Albert Hammond Jr

Fans and hopeful attendees of Barcelona's Primavera Sound were delighted to discover that the preview app they downloaded was a video game displaying the full line-up for the festival's fifteenth anniversary.

Primavera Sound 2015 logo

Already announced were Friday and Saturday's headliners Ride and The Strokes, and now they've been joined by a host of other equally incredible artists. Thursday sees The Black Keys leading the bill alongside The Replacements, who are hitting Spanish stages for the first time and Antony and the Johnsons, who've been doing plenty since their last Barcelona gig. Bringing some variation to Thursday proceedings are electronic virtuosos James Blake, Richie Hawtin and Simian Mobile Disco.

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Primavera Sound 2013 - Live Review

Barcelona: arguably the most picturesque city in Europe. Situated on the Mediterranean coast in the heart of the Catalonian region, it's a landmine of history and culture. In amongst the beautiful landscapes and symbolic architecture; much of it crafted by Antoni Gaudi; lies the wonderful Park Guell, while at the city's highest point resides the Olympic Stadium, redeveloped with an increased capacity for the 1992 event. Then, of course, there's always the world famous Nou Camp, home to arguably the greatest and most successful football club of this generation, which is where our week long journey begins. 

Primavera Sound 2013  - Live Review

Arriving a day early before Primavera's festivities start enables us to take in the unique atmosphere as champions Barcelona narrowly defeat Real Valladolid by the odd goal. It also allows one final opportunity to contemplate this year's timetable where clashes aplenty are the order of most days. However, such a haven of choices marks a great festival, right? Right. 

This year's event marks the thirteenth edition of Primavera Sound and, with weekend tickets having sold out months ago, it would be fair to say it's one of the few whose reputation and audience is growing despite the current economic decline. Mainly situated across three venues; the Parc Del Forum, Parc De La Ciutadella and Sala Apolo; Primavera has developed from an initial three-day weekend into a full blown seven-day event. 

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Simian Mobile Disco, Unpatterns Album Review

Dateline 2002: Jas Shaw is still a part of Simian, a four piece from Manchester whose debut album Chemistry Is What We Are contained some pristine, if largely ignored, dream pop moments in a vaguely Beta Band mould, especially the crystalline One Direction.

Dateline 2007: Shaw is now working with couture producer James Ford and the pair have added the Mobile Disco strap line. They release Attack Decay Sustain Release, which, along with Justice's The Cross, is the sinequanone of the year's bass snapping, top lip sweaty dirdy diva sound which combined Euro beat minimalism with huge Daft Punk shaped nu party funk.

Dateline 2012: The duo release their third album, Unpatterns.

Much has happened in the gaps of course - most notably to Ford, a man whose CV boasts many noughties A List collaborators - but possibly the most impressive facet of their latest outing together is the tangent they've pursued since first coming to prominence. Far from living on past glories, Unpatterns feels like a very streetwise journey with its ear to the underground, much more in fact of a club orientated record than the huge dropping frenzy of, for instance, Hustler or I Got This Down.

If the word underground tends to have elitist connotations in some circles, SMD are clearly up for spreading their gospel to anyone who'll listen. It would be easy, for instance, to peg the acid pops of Interference as more for the purist, whilst Put Your Hands Together's pulsing hi-hat is a classic Detroit techno motif/reference likely to be name dropped by your average booth-stalking spotter, but both are as effective at bringing out the dance floor dead as the other.

It's fitting, perhaps, in this time of austerity that even when the pair are carving out new anthems Du jour, they're content to flow overtones at you and let your imagination do the rest. Dorks can rejoice at playing spot the influence, but Unpatterns finest moments are great for what they lack, rather than kitchen sinking the rush. Examples? Your Love Ain't Fair revolves around a pared down, distorted sample that feels like it's from the floppy disk era, wrapped around some luxuriously warm synth bass and The Dream Of The Fisherman's Wife spills more Rustie-esque bent out of shape glitch and Deutsch beat programming that stay firmly on the right side of over polished.

Five years from now, one of these men could be producing a one eye French didgeridoo player covering When The Sun Goes Down backwards. Or they may still be making neo-classic night out fodder that also sounds great on the no.74 bus. You decide.

Andy Peterson

Simian Mobile Disco, Temporary Pleasures Album Review

Review of Simian Mobile Disco's album Temporary Pleasures.

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Simian Mobile Disco - It's The Beat

Simian Mobile Disco

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