Review of Two Days Single by Silent Film Project

Review of Silent Film Project's single 'Two Days'.

Silent Film Project Two Days Single

A quintet based in Sheffield, Silent Film Parade list a wide range of influences on their MySpace page ranging from Jimmy Eat World to Simon & Garfunkel and with Kasabian and Bob Dylan thrown in for good measure. Tour dates are sporadic through the next few months and include a showcase for their record label, Kids.

While the musicians who inspire them may transcend a number of genres, the sound produced by Silent Film Project is a cohesive blend of indie and folk. 'Two Days' is built on a mid-tempo jangly riff and heavenly vocals, the type of soundscape that is idyllic and perfect for a chilled-out summer's day. It lacks the edge to make it truly memorable, but certainly won't offend anyone and should be enjoyed for the beauty it contains.

Alex Lai

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