Sienna Miller plays Tippi Hedren in 'The Girl' - a film that delves into the intricacies of the actress's relationship with Alfred Hitchcock. In an interview with Reuters, Sienna talks candidly about the subject matter of the film.

The film, which premieres this Saturday, October, 20 on U.S. cable channel HBO, tells the tale of how Hitchcock, played by Toby Jones, both launched and ceased Hedren's career, from her point of view. Asked whether Hitchcock did in fact ruin Hedren's acting career, Miller gives a brutally honest answer: "Well, she absolutely does feel that, because he did. She is at the same time very complimentary about him, and as a director no one is disputing the fact that he was incredible at what he does," she explained, whilst adding, "And also he taught her how to act and she is very indebted to him for that - to learn from the master. But yes, he was really responsible for damaging her career and of course there is resentment that comes with that." The 30-year-old Sienna boasts a strong acting CV, with appearances in gangster classics like Layer Cake, and action flick, G.I Joe, but this will be one of her biggest 'art-house' projects.

"I think his films will remain some of the greatest films ever made and he will always be heralded as one of the greatest directors of all time," said continued in the interview. "But often with geniuses, there is a kind of dark side and that is nothing new. I don't think it will have any profound effect on his legacy as a director or a filmmaker."