Two women, Marilyn (Sienna Miller) and Mona (Golshifteh Farahani) traverse the American deserts in search for a new life. Both of them have a history of domestic violence, and they both have a love for dance, leading them to Belly Dance their way through this Thelma and Louise style road movie.

Sienna MillerSienna won't be pleased with her latest movie's reviews

It’s a proven formula with a twist, which in the right hands could have been a classic. In Rachid Bouchareb’s hands, though, it seems to have crashed and burned. Anything below 30% on Rotten Tomatoes is considered embarrassing, so when we learnt that Just Like A Woman was standing on a measly 9%, we cringed. Here are some of the most painful reviews.

“It's a shame Ms. Miller has to try so hard, to grimace so much, to add emotional embellishment to compensate for a weak script,” says The New York Times, while Time Out were equally unimpressed, but no so eloquent in the damnation. “Movies genuinely attuned to the nuances of female bonding are regrettably rare; so, it seems, are ones that know how to make good on their promise without breaking just like a little girl,” goes their review.

Sienna Miller
Miller and Tom Sturridge at The 2013 Outer Critics Circle Awards

Our favourite was Village Voices review, which says: “A multicultural mini-Thelma and Louise but far duller than that description implies, Just Like a Woman peddles feminist empowerment with one-note didacticism.” Just Like a Woman was handed its full U.S release today, and doesn’t seem to have a U.K on IMDB.