Sienna Miller was caught up in the drama surrounding Jane Fonda's fainting date at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (11Feb15) because she was seated next to his table.

Heating issues at the Beverly Hilton Hotel turned Sunday night's awards ceremony into a real hot event, and many celebrities were spotted fanning themselves at the bash, while Fonda's boyfriend Richard Perry passed out.

Miller, who was seated near him, reveals she learned about the medical emergency while she was waiting backstage just before her entrance as a presenter.

She tells Access Hollywood, "We were on table 108 with everyone at Foxcatcher... and as we're about to walk on the woman with the headphone goes, 'Wait, what? Someone's had a heart attack on table 108...' and I was like, 'Wait, that's where all my friends are'.

"She goes, 'Get the paramedic there...' and I had to walk on. I tried to do a head count (from the stage)... It turned out it was the next table, and somebody was very ill. It was not a heart attack."