Sia was ''too embarrassed'' to tell people she wanted to make a movie.

The 'Elastic Heart' hitmaker has started working on her directional debut called 'Sister' and has admitted she was afraid to tell people about her ambitions for film because she didn't want people thinking it was a ''vanity project because I was a singer'', but said after making the music video for her hit single 'Chandelier' she realised she was ''pretty good at directing''.

She explained: ''I was too embarrassed to tell anyone I wanted to make a movie because I thought it would be seen as a vanity project, because I was a singer. And then last year after I made the Chandelier video, I realised that I was pretty good at directing, so I felt a little bit braver.''

However, the 39-year-old star revealed she is ''not a technical person'' and couldn't be ''bothered'' to learn movie editing software, which she compared to the production involved in making music in a studio.

She told Billboard: ''For me, the process was basically, I work out the movie. I'll act it out, I'll have the dialogue already in my head. It's really the formatting. ... I can't be bothered to learn Final Draft. I'm not a technical person. Like, when I sing, I just want to sing the melody and write the lyrics. I don't want to have to do production, which is very technical. I don't enjoy that. What I do enjoy is the creative process.''