R&B star Shwayze can't wait to become a first-time dad when his Thanksgiving baby boy is born in November (10).
The rapper's model fiance Shelby Keeton is due at the beginning of the American holidays and the expectant father insists November can't come quick enough.
Talking about the impending birth for the first time, Shwayze, real name Aaron Smith, tells WENN, "It's totally exciting. I'm a big kid myself so now I get the chance to be even more so. I can't wait to be in that delivery room, holding my child.
"That'll be a life-changing experience. The last few months have been life-changing and now I'm about to become a dad. Life is awesome."
And the Get U Home hitmaker already knows his son has a little magic in him - because the unborn tot inspired Shwayze's new album Lovestoned before the rapper even knew he was about the become a father.
He explains, "I wrote (the songs for) Lovestoned before I knew that my girl was pregnant, but somehow I must have known subconsciously because the songs fit. It's beautiful."