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Introducing: Infectious, Multi-Layered Beats From Edinburgh DJ Show N Prove

Show n Prove

Show N Prove

He received immense praise for his witty debut single 'Zimma Frame' featuring Takura last year and Scottish producer Show N Prove truly is ready to 'show and prove' that he's not going anywhere just yet with 'If Only'.

The London-based DJ (originally from Edinburgh) brought smiles to the faces of everyone who witnessed the video to his summer party anthem in 2013 (which featured an old man beating a bunch of young clubgoers in the dance moves stakes). His follow up - 'My People' featuring Papa Zeus - was a brass-led, vibrant infusion of exotic music and hip hop, but he's taken up a more serious vibe with his latest single 'If Only' featuring Notting Hill singer Shakka. His solo singles are only his most recent ventures, having previously done a lot of producing for other artists. 'Doing production work for other people kind of became a staple for my sound, I guess', he explained in a video interview. 'Then I always wanted to do my own artist thing but it was just about getting the right timing, the right set up and the right song.'

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Show N Prove - Video Interview

Interview with Show N Prove April 2014

Edinburgh producer and DJ Show n Prove talks about how his music career came about and who has helped him along the way in a video interview following the release of his latest single 'If Only' featuring Shakka.

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Show N Prove - If Only

London based producer Show n Prove teams up with Shakka on his latest single 'If Only', for which the Supersound remix is also being released. The song is due out on March 30th 2014.

In the video, directed by Paul Akinrinlola, a group of guys are practicing some urban dance moves. One guy is rather taken by a pretty female dancer as another group comes in to take over their practice room. On his way home, he winds up in hospital after getting hit by a car and is in a wheelchair unable to dance and utterly devastated. The girl visits him with flowers but the atmosphere is a little stale and she leaves early, seemingly upset about something. Bit by bit he teaches himself to walk again and he and the girl team up to practice their moves, but there is still something bothering her. It is revealed that she was behind the wheel of that car. The beginning and end have what feels like an Indian vibe, but with an eerie undercurrent. The rhythm is contrastingly upbeat, while the vocals get louder and more desperate as the track develops.

Show N Prove received immense praise with the release of previous single 'Zimma Frame' and its hilarious accompanying video. He has also previously worked with the likes of Benny, Maxtsa, Skinnyman, Foreign Beggars, Sway and Jessie J.

A Week In Music - Vampire Weekend Album Is Tops, Daft Punk Break Records, Kelly Rowland Breaks Down

Vampire Weekend Major Lazer These New Puritans Primal Scream Bullet For My Valentine Miles Kane Show n Prove Daft Punk Kelly Rowland Muse

Vampire Weekend - Modern Vampires Of The City

A Week In Albums... Vampire Weekend have been getting some much deserved props for their comeback LP, Modern Vampires Of The City and our man Jim Pusey was more than happy to join in the chorus of praise. Marking the group's second US Billboard number one charting album to-date - not to mention their best selling first week effort - Modern Vampires... looks like it's only going to set the indie rockers onto greater things. Pusey commented: "While it's an album that may struggle to repeat the phenomenal commercial success of Vampire Weekend's debut, I'd argue in the long run there's more to love on Modern Vampires. It's not just because the band's affection for New York seeps through every pore of the record, but also because sonically it's a far more interesting album. If this is indeed the end to a trilogy of records, Vampire Weekend have set themselves an extremely high bar to reach for the next chapter of their career."

Collaborator-happy party bringers Major Lazer have returned with a new album in the form of Free The Universe. A record that does little to change the act's sound, it doesn't necessarily need to, says Andy Peterson, with the array of people brought on board, including - there he is again - Ezra from Vampire Weekend, Peaches and Wyclef Jean, meant to enhance the party not the sound evolution. Peterson writes, "At times it's fair criticism that the formula isn't saying anything new, but the main objective here is far less about innovation but instead about being what it is; a no-nonsense party record made to be turned up to eleven and put on after twelve. Righteous."

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Show n Prove - Zimma Frame

Scottish producer Show n Prove unveil a bizarre club video of their all-inclusive new track 'Zimma Frame'.

In the video we see clubbers showing off their moves on the dancefloor to the encouraging track before an old man with a Zimmer frame makes his way inside and starts pulling out some moves of his own. Like ducks to a duck pond, dancefloor divas make their way over to him and he is surrounded by girls as if he were any one of those young bachelors in the club. However, jealousy ensues when a group of youngsters see him chatting up an attractive girl at the bar and they challenge him to a dance-off which he easily wins with a series of what we are made to believe are incredibly athletic break dances. The song alone is just as likely to leave a smile on your face, with an encouraging dance vibe conveyed through the upbeat lyrics, the infectious rhythm and the exhilarating electronic pulses.

Show n Prove has already toured with the likes of Dappy, DJ Fresh, Angel Haze, and Pusha T and he truly keeps to his namesake with this new tune, proving to everybody that he is one of the most exciting up and coming DJs around.  

Show N Prove

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