The first step is admitting you have a problem and Shia LaBeouf seems to have done just that, having checked himself into rehab. On Monday, the actor entered a rehab facility in LA, after being spotted carrying an Alcoholics Anonymous book. According to RadarOnline, the book is known as The Big Book, it is the central text of the program and considered essential reading for anyone trying to get and remain sober.

Shia LaBeouf
Is LaBeouf looking to turn his life around?

Later on Monday, eyewitnesses (does Shia LaBeouf have a crowd of smartphone-wielding fans following him around at all times?) reported that the Nymphomaniac actor had checked himself into rehab. According to the reports, he looked reluctant and nervous.

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The actor, who has mentioned in interviews that he used to attend AA meetings with his dada as a kid, managed to stay on the straight and narrow in his adolescence. As a Disney hopeful and even in his more recent career, LaBeouf has largely maintained his clean-cut image. However, his erratic public appearances in recent months – wearing a paper bag to the Nymphomaniac Vol. II premiere, crying in one-on-one sessions with attendees at his performance art exhibit, and his most recent altercation outside a nightclub in NYC – all seemed to point in one direction. Neither LaBeouf, nor his management have released any statements on the actor’s condition, his reported rehab stint or the expected duration of his stay.

Shia LaBeouf
The actor has yet to acknowledge the news.