The Shia LaBeouf method acting school of thought has been leaving people worried of late, the one-time family-friendly Disney star's erratic behaviour on recent movie sets including, but not limited to, taking acid, getting blind drunk on moonshine and stripping naked. Now, LaBeouf has revealed that he had an on-screen scrap with fellow Lawless star Tom Hardy.
"That wasn't moonshine-related at all," LaBeouf told MTV, playing down rumours that they'd fallen out. "That was straight love. There was a lot of love on that set in general. There was a lot of aggression in me and a lot of aggression on [Hardy's] side. We were playing brothers. There was a constant finger-in-the-ear [teasing] thing going on for a while."
LaBeouf went on to praise the man he'd previously been beating nine bells out of, saying "I think the man's a genius. I think he's incredible. He's fun to work around - he was almost a mascot on the set. He and Guy Pearce were playing these [outlandish characters]. Sometimes you would question how tangible what they were doing was and then you'd see six scenes and you'd go, 'Yes,' but it takes six [scenes]. When I first saw Guy come to set I thought, 'Woah. What are we doing here, what is going on?' And then you see six scenes and it makes sense."