Sheryl Crow, the multi-award winning country artist, has signed on to pen the music and lyrics for an upcoming Broadway adaptation of the 1982 hit film 'Diner', reports the New York Times. Crow was persuaded to join the project by the movie's original director Barry Levinson.
The singer-songwriter claims she immediately began writing after signing up, revealing, "I was already a huge fan of Diner when Barry first approached me about writing a score for a theatrical retelling of his film.I knew exactly who these men and women were and I feverishly began writing". The comedy-drama told the story of a group of high school friends who reunite for the wedding of one of their close pals - it featured strong performances from a young Mickey Rourke and Kevin Bacon. The movie was also a crucial moment in Levinson's career - he scooped the Oscar for 'Best Screenplay' and went on to direct 'Rain Man', starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman and 'Good Morning Vietnam'. Although it will be Crow's first Broadway score, the singer has contributed music to numerous Hollywood movies, such as 'Point Break' and the animated flicks 'Bee Movie' and 'Cars'.
Out-of-town previews of 'Diner' are tentatively planned for next summer, with Tony Award winning Kathleen Marshall directing.