Sheryl Crow, the 49-year-old country singer, appeared to have a wardrobe malfunction during Wednesday's Cmt Music Awards, reports Usa Today. Sheryl Crow was performing live with Kid Rock when she accidently showed her underwear, lighting up social networking sites such as Twitter.
Toward the end of yesterday's ceremony, Crow arrived onstage to present an award with the singer SARA EVANS. After hearing about the buzz she had created on Twitter, Crow told the audience, "Ok, I'm just going to address the elephant in the room. People all over America are tweeting that I was wearing a really short skirt when I sang with Kid Rock and that when I got up off the stool, I showed my underwear". Evans responded, "Well, at least you were wearing underwear", with Crow adding, "I was wearing underwear. Because I am good, clean family entertainment" The Grammy Award-winning mother of two was wearing a short white skirt during her performance of 'Collide' with the show's host and her ex-beau Kid Rock. Crow's wardrobe malfunction wasn't the only mishap of the night, with Shania Twain tripping and falling while making her way to the stage.
Sheryl Crow released her seventh studio album '100 Miles from Memphis' in July 2010. The record saw the singer put aside her country past in favour of a vintage soul-inspired sound.