Sheryl Crow stunned Fleetwood Mac when she announced she was joining them - because she had never been asked.

The 'All I Wanna Do' star announced she would replace Christine McVie when the singer-and-keyboardist retired from the band in 1998, but singer-and-guitarist Lindsey Buckingham claims they never wanted a replacement.

He said: "There aren't too many people who would be able to fit the bill. With Sheryl I thought it was pretty funny.

"She announced she was joining Fleetwood Mac but I didn't know any of it."

His bandmate Stevie Nicks added: "We spent seven weeks battering our heads against a wall trying Christine's songs, but we just can't. She can't be replaced."

The group's founder Mick Fleetwood said they didn't want Sheryl to join the band because she had too much going on with her personal life.

He explained: "There was talk of Sheryl Crow taking Chris's place but she'd been through too much.

"She'd had cancer, lost a lover and adopted a child. Being on the road was the last thing for her."