The America's Got Talent judges were laughing hard, but it was unfortunately wasn't enough to give comedian Tom Cotter the win in the final of the long-running reality competition. The Rockland County comic gave it his all, but unfortunately -as has been the way of it in the past on such competitions - he was beaten to the top prize by a dancing canine. There's no justice in the world.

Newsday reports that Cotter did manage to defeat the extravagant musical theatrics of William Close and his Earth Harp as well as the art-dance fusion of David Garibaldi and his CMYK's, not to mention the choreographed sand art of Joe Castillo and child dancers the Untouchables. Yet all five of these finalist have got to be feeling pretty galled that they've lost out to the Olate Dogs who took the grand prize of $1 million.

Cotter's final act had seen him roast each of the judges, with each one of them taking it in good faith. "We all learned that [Howard Stern] has a great face for radio," Cotter had joked. "Howard looks like the b**tard child of Joey Ramone and Big Bird, if Big Bird had Tourette syndrome and a slightly larger beak." Of Sharon Osbourne he said "She speaks two languages fluently: English and Ozzy." To Nick Cannon he said "Even without Mariah Carey, Nick would be a fine host ... at Applebee's."