Sharon Osbourne isn't exactly known for being closed off or unwilling to delve into her private life and when she appeared on the BBC's The Graham Norton Show earlier this week, Sharon lived up to her billing as an open book. Discussing plastic surgery procedures, Sharon revealed that she has been under the knife, but not necessarily where you'd expect the knife to go.

Sharon Osbourne
Sharon is no stranger to the plastic surgeon's knife

Osbourne was a guest on the show on Friday, 29 November, with the interview going to air on 7 December. Whilst on the show, Osbourne was complimented on her looks by host Graham Norton when she revealed that she is no stranger to the surgeon's scalpel. Admitting to having gone under the knife to keep her youthful looks, Sharon went on to explain that she has also had a few other procedures done, including having her "vagina tightened."

After being complimented on how well she looks after her various procedures, Sharon was then asked what the most painful procedure she has ever had, to which she bluntly replied, "having my vagina tightened."

"It was the worst. It was just excruciating," Sharon told a grimacing Graham. Asked what the procedure entailed by fellow guest Colin Farrell, Sharon cheekily told the Irish actor, "I'll show you later."

Sharon Osbourne X Factor launch
Sharon was blunt as always with her reply

Plugging her new book, the X Factor host went on to say that she wrote it during her recouperation from the surgery, "because you can't move you see. Not for a while."

In the book, as Sharon discussed briefly in her interview, Sharon recalls the past six years of her life, including her surgery, her husband Ozzy Osbourne's most recent relapse, which ultimately led to them breaking up temporarily, and their eventual reconciliation after divorce seemed on the horizon.

Sharon Ozzy Osbourne
Sharon and Ozzy are back together again