Sharon Osbourne has had to learn from her own mistakes.

The 'Talk' host, who has three children, Aimee, 31, Kelly, 30, and Jack, 29, with rocker Ozzy Osbourne, says she never got any good advice when she was growing up because she ''wasn't close'' with her own family.

The 62-year-old star said: ''I learned from my own mistakes. I wasn't close with my family so I learned from my own mistakes. I kind of think that if you don't get it right by the time you're 40 or 50, you are never going to get it right. I think it's time: We all need time to grow as people and time to know, 'Oh, maybe I should have an opinion about this or maybe I shouldn't.' ''

The outspoken star admits ''being opinionated gets you in to trouble,'' but says she never sets out to hurt people.

She told ''A lot of people really don't like others being opinionated, they would rather you sit on the fence instead of having a strong opinion on something. I get it but that doesn't mean I still don't put my foot in my mouth - I do!

''I've always been very opinionated. I don't want to hurt people, I don't get a kick out of embarrassing people or being disrespectful, but if you ask me I'll answer. I don't mean to do it in a mean way to anyone.''