Sharon Osbourne is fuming with her teen daughter KELLY for secretly tattooing skull and crossbones designs on her ankles.

Rebellious Kelly, 18, has been noted for her ever-changing hair colour and wild style in the past, but her parents Sharon and rocker Ozzy Osbourne were disgusted to learn she'd put the permanent gothic markings on her body.

Sharon says, "Last night Kelly came in and she had this long nightie on and she's kind of like shuffling her feet. I'm like, 'What are you doing Kelly?' She says, 'Nothing.'

"And suddenly, she crosses her feet and she has these two huge, big black tattoos on her feet of skull and crossbones. I was just like, 'No, no more tattoos. And skull and crossbones - like, what does it mean... you're a pirate? What is this indicating? What message does this send out?' She says, 'Nothing.'

But Sharon's woes didn't end there: "After her father and I cried and went to bed, I couldn't sleep. So I'm switching through the TV and there was my favourite programme on, CELEBRITY UNCENSORED. Here I am, I'm so mad with Kelly. I'm so upset with her and I'm watching TV to try and get over the shock that she's just given me and suddenly I see her on this programme screaming like a mad woman at her sister (AIMEE)!

"Her sister's in the back of the picture and there's Kelly throwing this huge tantrum.

"I'm like, 'This child's ruining my life.' Seriously, I love her, but she's a bit out there right now."

15/10/2003 02:29