It's never a good sign when a movie is released on DVD just weeks after its limited theatrical release. Still, you'll wonder how Graduation avoided going straight to DVD in the first place.

The premise of Graduation is stupid enough: Carl (Chris Marquette) needs $100,000 to pay for the medical treatment of his dying mother, so his posse concludes the only way to obtain this sum is to rob a bank. Gee, I wonder how else they can come up with 100 grand? The main character Polly's father (Adam Arkin) happens to be a bank owner. Perhaps he has 100 grand in his own savings, or at least a portion of it, that he can loan to Carl? Or how about a citywide fundraiser? No, even for Polly (Shannon Lucio), the high school's valedictorian, robbing her father's bank is the only logical step.

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