Stupidity... now there's an idea for a documentary. I gotta say, it's fascinating, and as director Albert Nerenberg points out, in modern society we seem to be surrounded by stupidity of all kinds, all the time. Is society genuinely this inane? Or are we just being too hard on ourselves?

Nerenberg's Stupidity is a frequently fascanating but sometimes wandering work that provides some insight into the nature of dumbness. There's a history lesson here: "Idiot" and "imbecile" have specific IQ levels they correspond to, and "moron" is a whole other thing of its own. Talking heads like Bill Maher and Noam Chomsky describe stupidity in our current culture (with Jackass and George W. Bush taking the brunt of the heat), and some of the intellectual discussion here is fascinating. If nothing less, it makes you think twice when you call someone or something "stupid," because of the loadedness of the term.

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