Shania Twain has raised $9,000 (£5,625) for her children's charity by selling off the high heels which caused her nasty onstage fall at the Cmt Awards in June (11).
The You're Still the One hitmaker was left red-faced when she lost her footing and tumbled to the ground as she presented Blake Shelton with a trophy at the Nashville, Tennessee ceremony.
She autographed the shoes and put them up for auction earlier this month (Aug11) - and they've netted a massive $9,000 (£5,625) for her Shania Kids Can charity, which offers educational support to children experiencing personal problems.
Twain says, "I can personally relate to the effects of growing up with difficulties at home and understand the problems kids can face while trying to fit in with the other students who are not experiencing the same disadvantages in their personal lives.
"The Shania Kids Can program aims to help educators identify children in this situation and provide a safe, productive, confidence-building environment where the kids are coached in good and appropriate behaviour, taught practical life skills, assisted with homework, given an ear to just simply listen when they need it."