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Shanola Hampton To Be A Mum Again

Shameless Shanola Hampton

The Shameless star and her producer husband Daren Dukes are preparing to welcoming a son in May (16).

"We are so excited to complete our family with a baby boy! Blessed beyond words!," Hampton tells People magazine.

The actress debuted her baby bump on Wednesday (09Dec15) at the premiere of musical If/Then at Hollywood's Pantages Theater.

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Showtime New Seasons: Shameless, House Of Lies, Episodes

Alessandra Balazs - Photographs as Showtime celebrated the launch of new seasons Of TV shows "Shameless," "House Of Lies" and "Episodes" The event was held at Cecconi’s Italian restaurant in West Hollywood, California, United States - Tuesday 6th January 2015

Shameless and Alessandra Balazs
Shameless and Emma Kenney
Shameless and Emma Kenney
Shameless and Emma Kenney
Shameless and Isidora Goreshter
Shameless and Nichole Bloom

Emmy Rossum: 'I'm Not My Shameless Character In Real Life'

Emmy Rossum Shameless

Actress Emmy Rossum gets upset when fans of her hit U.S. Tv show Shameless thinks she's really as wild and sexually-active as her character in the series - because in real-life, the star is nothing like the loose girl she plays.

The Phantom of the Opera star admits her feelings often got hurt when people think they're talking to Fiona and not the real Emmy.

She explains, "People think that I am a much more sexual person than I am because they identify me with the character. People on the street are more crude with me because they think I'm Fiona... I'm not like her in my real life. I've never had a one-night stand. Ever.

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At Apartment 58 Nightclub

Shameless - Shameless star, Karen Bryson, Sunday 26th August 2012 at Apartment 58 nightclub


42nd Comic Con Convention Kicks Off

The Hobbit Quentin Tarantino Zack Snyder The Simpsons Family Guy Shameless Glee

After 42 gloriously geeky years, San Diego's annual COMIC CON is underway once more and it looks to be the biggest event so far, with an estimated 140,000 due to attend.

The event has exploded beyond its original artistic identity, shifting from the humble origins where organizers in 1970 hoped of attracting 500 people to a convention devoted to comic books and the people who create them. Today, you can expect to find at least 500 storm troopers, hobbits, superheroes and cult icons in the line for the bathrooms at any given time.

In more recent years, the event has become a platform for moviemakers and their stars to spill the beans on upcoming projects and give first time previews of what's on offer. This year offers no exceptions, with 'The Hobbit,' 'DJANGO UNCHAINED,' 'IRON MAN 3' and 'MAN OF STEEL' being the main headliners of the show.

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William H. Macy Says Hard Work Is Key To Married Life

Felicity Huffman Desperate Housewives In The Bedroom Shameless Sundance Film Festival

William H. Macy says his secret to keeping his marriage to Felicity Huffman passionate is hard work.

The 'Shameless' star has been married to the 'Desperate Housewives' actress for 15 years and insists there is no magical solution to staying together or keeping things spicy In The Bedroom other than making a commitment to priorities your relationship above everything else.

He said: "Marriage is really hot and ooey-gooey for about a year or two, and then the rest of it is a relationship which you got to work on. You can have passion, but you've got to work on it."

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Lady Gaga Up For Glaad Award

Lady GaGa ABC All My Children CBS Chastity Bono Chris Colfer Dancing With The Stars David Letterman Days Of Our Lives Diversity Ellen Degeneres Glee HBO Liars Mike Thompson NBC Shameless THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW

Lady GaGa has been nominated for a Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) Media Award.

The 25-year-old singer will do battle with 'The Voice' contestant Beverly McClellan, Girl in a Coma, Hunx and His Punx, and MEN for the Outstanding Music Artist accolade at the 23rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards, which aims to recognise and honour media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the issues that affect their lives.

The cast of 'Glee' - which features Chris Colfer and Jayne Lynch - have been given a nod for Outstanding Comedy Series, while the Clint Eastwood-directed movie 'J.Edgar' has been recognised in the Outstanding Film - Wide Release category.

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Huffman Quizzes Macy Over Sex Scenes

Felicity Huffman Shameless

William H. Macy is bombarded with questions from his wife Felicity Huffman after every Shameless sex scene he shoots.

The actress admits she's not fond of watching her husband play alcoholic patriarch Frank Gallagher in the U.S. series because he films so many "wild" romps with his female co-stars, who rave about his manliness.

She tells You magazine, "My husband says that when he sees me in a sex scene he closes his eyes and hums, but when I see him - and boy has he had some scenes in Shameless - I do that thing that women do, I will quiz him afterwards: 'What was she like?', 'Do you think she's pretty?' and 'How big was her butt?'

"The other day he came home from the set of Shameless and told me that the actress who plays his estranged wife, Chloe Webb, with whom he has been doing these wild sex scenes, had told him that she loved acting with him because he was 'such a man and usually I am acting with boys'. He loved that."

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Mcavoy Can't Watch New U.s. Shameless

James McAvoy Shameless

British actor James McAvoy switched off the U.S. remake of his TV show Shameless after deciding it was "too strange" to watch another actor deliver lines he once improvised.

MCAvoy landed his big break with his role in the U.K. drama and started a real-life relationship with his character Steve MCBride's love interest, played by actress Anne-Marie Duff, who is now his wife.

The show has since been rebooted for U.S. audiences but MCAvoy admits it is too "strange" for him to watch Canadian actor Justin Chatwin in his place.

He says, "My wife and I must have watched about 10 minutes of the very first episode and it was kinda freaky, so we decided not to watch anymore.

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Movie Reviews Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson Austin Powers In America Johnny English Mr Bean Shameless The New York Times

People either love Rowan Atkinson or hate him. Those among the former amount to a virtual cult In America -- although he has a massive following overseas. Those among the latter -- well, let's just say that they represent the vast majority of U.S. moviegoers. Critics in this country are likewise divided over the comedian, who first came to prominence on PBS via his Mr. Bean TV series, which originated on Britain's ITV. In his latest film, Johnny English Reborn , writes Robert Abele in the Los Angeles Times, Atkinson is given the "chance to add to his prodigious slapstick abilities a well-honed gift ... for hundred-yard-stare arrogance and a withering baritone. The gangly performer can combine the two in the subtlest of ways for brilliant effect." Stephen Holden in The New York Times suggests that the movie is not likely to resonate with a "jaded American audience for gross-out pranks." However, he concludes, "As the movie glides along, it may not elicit explosive laughter, but it plants a steady smile on your face and doesn't leave you feeling molested." Mick LaSalle in the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that the spy spoof may amount to "an ideal vehicle for the gifts of Rowan Atkinson, a superb physical comedian. He is also, in his way, an actor with a marvelous talent for conveying thin but blustery confidence that often gives way to suppressed humiliation and eye-darting panic." On the other hand, there's the majority of critics who seemingly are unable to bear Atkinson's brand of slapstick (or perhaps slapstick at all). Peter Howell of the Toronto Star calls the movie warmed over Austin Powers and Get Smart! " Johnny English Reborn makes no attempt to hide Atkinson's Shameless thievery, his lack of invention or even his graying hair," Howell writes. Sean O'Connell in the Washington Post notes that the tagline for the movie is "A little intelligence goes a long way." He then remarks, "Let's pray those contemplating this needless effort show a little intelligence and stay far away from any theater foolish enough to screen it." And Elizabeth Weitzman in the New York Daily News assigns a single star to Reborn, calling it an "airless spy spoof" in which "joke after joke falls painfully flat."

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Emmy Rossum Dating Co-star

Emmy Rossum Adam Duritz Counting Crows Shameless

Emmy Rossum is reportedly dating her 'Shameless' co-star.

The stunning actress - who stars in the US version of the hit UK TV show - has been on several dates with Tyler Jacob Moore and while friends say it is not serious at the moment, she is having lots of fun.

A source told America's In Touch magazine: "She has very casually gone on a few dates with her co-star, Tyler Jacob Moore. It's nothing serious, but she really does like him. It doesn't hurt that he is also very adorable."

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Emmy Rossum's Hairdresser Phobia

Emmy Rossum Shameless

Emmy Rossum is scared of having her hair cut.

The stunning actress has a fear of going to the hairdressers because she's worried stylists will take off too much and says her phobia stems from a traumatic childhood incident.

She told People magazine: "I'm really afraid of scissors. I get that panic moment - I think every girl does - when they're snipping and you can't quite tell how much they're snipping.

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UGG Australia Hosts A Celebrity & VIP Private Shopping Evening In Aid Of The Kirsty Club

Shameless and Tina Malone - Shameless star, Tina Malone Manchester, England - UGG Australia hosts a celebrity & VIP private shopping evening in aid of The Kirsty Club Thursday 23rd September 2010

Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone

Opens A New Poundland Store In New Malden. The Recently Married Actress Revealed That She Has Shed Over 7 Stone After Having A Gastric Band Fitted

Shameless and Tina Malone - 'Shameless' star Tina Malone London, England - opens a new Poundland store in New Malden. The recently married actress revealed that she has shed over 7 stone after having a gastric band fitted Friday 3rd September 2010

Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone
Shameless and Tina Malone

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