Shakira's soccer star beau Gerard Pique has been slapped with a $12,160 (£7,600) fine after lashing out at Spanish police officers for issuing his brother a parking ticket last year (14).

The Barcelona defender's sibling Marc was cited for parking in a bus lane during a night out in the city in October (14), prompting Pique, a passenger in the car, to take aim at the cops and insist they were wasting their time.

He allegedly threw the ticket at the officers and fumed, "You're jealous 'cause I'm famous. You're only fining us 'cause you're broke and need the commission. This fine isn't going to be paid anyway 'cause I'm gonna call your boss and he'll drop it."

The outburst landed 28-year-old Pique in court on Tuesday (03Mar15), when an apology letter from the soccer player was read to Judge Maria Asuncion Gonzalez.

She chastised the sportsman for his "disrespectful behaviour" and for "being verbally aggressive", and ignored prosecutors' recommended $1,040 (£650) fine in favour of the higher fee.

Pique has been dating pop superstar Shakira since 2010 and is the father of her two boys, two-year-old Milan and Sasha, five weeks.