Shakira's former boyfriend Antonio de le Rua has failed in his $100 lawsuit against the Colombian pop star. The Californian lawsuit was one of three suits filed by de la Rua seeking to claim a "partnership" interest in Shakira's income - all three were dismissed by a judge in court.

"I am very grateful that the courts are not allowing these groundless lawsuits to proceed," Shakira said in a statement to E! News, "I have moved on in my life and could not be happier now. I hope this harassment will now come to an end."

The singer was slapped with a hefty $100 million lawsuit in April, with de la Rua claiming that he built the singer's brand and was the brains behind her biggest hits 'Hips Don't Lie' and 'Waka Waka.'

In court, Shakira's lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the suit, maintaining that the court did not have jurisdiction because Shakira and de la Rua are Colombian and Argentine citizens respectively. They also noted that she and her former boyfriend had signed a "prenuptial-type agreement applicable to unmarried couples" in 2006, in which they "expressly manifested their wish to conserve, each separately, the totality of their past, current and future assets."

In other Shakira news, the singer is selling her waterfront Miami mansion that she's owned since 2001. According to Forbes, she wants over $14 million for the South Beach pad, which she paid $3.4 million for. Maybe she was expected to lose the lawsuit?

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The Lawsuit Against Shakira Was Dismissed In Court