Pop superstar Shakira has sparked controversy in Afghanistan after a national TV network was blasted by the Muslim country's government for broadcasting a concert by the sexy singer. The Colombian beauty, 30, is known for her scantily-clad belly dancing and skimpy stage costumes - and the showing of the raunchy concert performance on local network Tolo TV has angered religious officials and Muslim clerics. But Tolo TV owner, Saad Mohseni, has defended his decision to broadcast the gig, claiming the show was "not that provocative", and "Shakira was pixellated (across her chest)" to minimise any offence the concert might cause. And Australian-raised Mohseni believes his company is simply being targeted by the government. He adds, "The government is looking for an excuse to have a go at us. When we give air time to the Taliban we are 'talking to terrorists'; when we air people criticising the government, we are told we are 'opposing peace and reconciliation'." Afghani President Hamid Karzi is now looking to implement new censorship laws which will give the government "greater powers to limit broadcasts that are deemed damaging to Afghanistan and its culture".